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  • >Beamsplitter Plate

    Beamsplitter plate can be used with high power laser. When using beamsplitter plate, it is important to bear in mind that the two partial beams travel different optical paths. And the optical paths depend on the incident angle and the thickness of plate.   

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  • >Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube

    Compared with beamsplitter plate, Non-polarizing beamsplitter cube has the following advantages:              Identical path lengths for both the reflected and the transmitted beams        

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  • >Polarizing Beamsplitter Plate

    Narrow Band Polarizing Beamsplitter Plate Design

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  • >Polarizing Beamsplitter (PBS) Cube

    PBS Cube can be used as polarizers, beamsplitters or beam combiners. The output beam which are parallel to input beam is called p-polarized beam while the orthogonal output beam is defined as s-polarized beam.  

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