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  Partial Reflection (PR) coatings provide attenuation functions and are generally applied to output mirrors of laser cavity. Our company can design the PR coating with reflectance from 10% to 99.7% to achieve the desired performance. 

  Wideband PR coatings are typically used at 45 degrees angle to the beam splitting of wideband light, such as 50/50,40/60,30/70 with error at around 5%. 

  There is a kind of super wideband PR coatings that can split beam in a wide light region from UV, visible to infrared. This coating is widely used in optical components

Single Wavelength PR Coatings  


Substrate fused silica, BK7 

Surface Figure <λ/10 @ 632.8nm 

Surface Quality 40-20 

Chamfer 0.5mm, 45° 

Coating Material Electron beam deposited dielectric multi-layers 

Incident 0°,45° 

Clear Aperture > Central 85% of diameter 

Rear Surfsce AR Coating R<0.2%


Reflectance and Tolerance


10±2%,20±3%,30±3%, 40±3%,50±3%,60±3%,
70±3%,80±3%,90±2%, 95±1.5%,98±1%,99±0.5%