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After dielectric HR coating, the mirror have the very high reflection for specified single wavelength or broadband wavelength. For laser application, the mirror surface has been coated with very high reflection (general >99.8%) at the laser wavelength.                              

image.png     image.png       

Substrate: Tempotec precision window or lens.           


Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 632.8nm, 488nm, or others.              

Dimension: dia.25.4 (+0/-0.2) x 6.35 (+/-0.2) mm typically               

Clear aperture: >85%             

Surface figure: λ/10@632.8nm              

Surface quality: 20-10 (substrate), 40-20 (after HR coating)                  

Protective chamfer               


HR coating on S1, R>99.5% for random polarization @ laser wavelength                    

Rs>99.9%, Rp>99.2%, R=(Rs+Rp)/2               

Unocated on S2                 

Custom designed size and wavelength are available upon request.